Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Entry

Welcome to Fat Cat Cakes where the rich and beautiful are edible and tasty. My name is Amy and I'm writing this blog to showcase the cakes I've made. I've been decorating cakes for about three and a half years. I took my first Wilton class in the march of 2007. I started working in a grocery store bakery after about a year and have moved from there to work at two other custom cake shops. The grocery store was a perfect place to get my feet wet in the cake decorating business. The cakes were simplistic in construction and design, mainly roses or airbrushed cakes with plastic cake kits, quantity over quality was expected. After about six months I sought employment at a custom cake shop and to my surprise I was hired. They used a meringue based icing that they made themselves that didn't crust. At first I found it difficult to work with, but after some practice I came to really love the smooth texture and finish you can get with it and it's mainly what I use for all my cakes now. After about a year there I move to a new state where I got another job at a custom cake shop. There they used a much stiffer icing that can almost be molded like play dough. I was impressed at how well they could use this to there advantage and make some really beautiful cakes with it. I'm grateful for the experience of all three places and I would like for you to see what I have done so far and check in later on for new developments.

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